How to survive Egyptair and a Cairo transit.

Hi Guys,

This is a post that I thought to share for anyone having to spend a night in transit.

Necessities for surviving a transit through Cairo airport and a night in a Cairo hotel ??‍♀?????

0- Attitude.

My greatest travel hack for Egypt, is attitude. I highly recommend making friends with your inner gangster. A woman tried to hustle me for money in the airport toilet, until I sparked and went all Naija on her arse. She backed down real quick as soon as I raised my hackles, but YO! the wide-eyed-confused-look will get you into trouble. It was my fault, as I was there looking around curiously without realising the 3 others had left the toilet. In fact, nowadays as soon as I land, I have a don’t-mess-with-me-boyish bounce and am ‘very very’ aware of my surroundings. Hone your peripheral vision and avoid having both earphones in. I also recommend dressing modestly, especially if you don’t want weird stares.

1- Toothpaste

Because the 3 hotels I have stayed at did not provide any. I always carry a small toothpaste with me in my handbag. For days when u eat onion or garlic at lunch. I tend to brush my teeth after lunch if I eat something bursting with spice. Please remember,you do not need to be a ‘biohazard’ because you have eaten. Be considerate, not many people will tell you, if you have halitoses. If it’s me, trust, I will point it out and give you an immediate solution with a long lecture too.  I use Sensodyne gentle whitening

2- Tooth brush

I have a Pink ? Panasonic Doltz sonic toothbrush. It’s cute and tiny, has nice sonic action, a cover protecting it from bacteria and it dries quickly ??

Doltz Panasonic electric toothbrush available in blush gold (officially on my buy list), pink (I could settle for) , blush (which I already possess) and black (perfect for my husband).

3- Socks

Yes socks, because #Egyptair is the first airline, I have flown with that are stingy AF. They do not provide disposable socks, SHAME‼️‼️‼️???. There I thought the #staralliance group would make sure their standards are upheld. BS ?? Cute socks for both good and bad mood.

4- Make-up bag

I recommend a waterproof  Ted Baker vanity purse, there is never a guarantee spills and what not. A water proof case protects the rest of the stuff in ur luggage from stains and leaks?

– Cleanser
Vichy pureté thermale

– Toner and Cotton pads
Vichy pureté thermale toner

– Face cream (day and night)

VICHY Idealia Smoothness & Glow Mattifying Sorbet Cream for day

VICHY Idealia Life Serum Skin Idealizer for night

– Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are so multipurpose, use as make-removing wipes, surface wipes and hygiene wipes. I highly recommend Simple baby wipes, they have no unnecessary additives and do not cause break-outs.

– Face mask

Any reviving or refreshing mask will reduce travel fatigue. I recommend Origins drink-up intensive overnight mask. Although this time I took a Russian/Belarusian disposable mask my friend got for me from Minsk


– Hair band

Keeps hair dry while u wash face or whilst u use a face mask. I recommend the cat ear spa head bands. They are cute and make me smile.

– Nail file

I do not know if it is just me, but I constantly chip my nails when travelling. It usually happens when I am checking-in and when I am moving baggage up and down. I hate rough nails. I recommend using crystal nail files. They do not cause as much heat to split the nails as emery nail files. They are as gentle as they are efficient. Their disadvantage is they are fragile. They get worn and need replacing but this is hygienic and not expensive.

5- Make-up

If possible all your make up and skincare should be in sample sizes. If u happen to like pretty things carry all ur make-up and skincare as is.

6- SPF cream

I use SPF 50 since I’m prone to melanosis, and the random zit can very sharply turn into a spot ?. Trust me the Nigerian sun ain’t got shit on Egypt’s sun. Also invisible Sun rays cause premature ageing. Don’t skip sun protection unless you are going for the weathered wrinkled look. NO judgement at all ? , ☝?my judgy-face ?? ??? I use Skinceuticals SPF 50 sheer mineral defence

7- Adaptors

Because none of the hotels I have stayed at, have had adaptors to lend. ??? Most hotels lend them and fine u €5 if you take them and run??‍♀??‍♀??‍♀. I recommend getting multi purpose adaptors.

8- Licorne

My unicorn travel companion who doubles up as my travel pillow ?? this is a piece of information I’m sharing for those that think #licorne is a freeloader who gets to travel the world with me for free ? he actually doubles up as my travel pillow and a hubby-cuddles replacement ???

9- Antiperspirant deodorant

You are spending a night somewhere ??‍♀??‍♀??‍♀, what more do you need me to explain ??. I recommend an odourless antiperspirant for men and an antiperspirant for women.  I notice smells are rather overwhelming so I advise you to use odourless deo so that the scent does not interfere with your perfume or cologne.

10- Sunglasses

I absolutely love sunglasses. I have an affinity for rose gold, and my shades are of recent only rose gold. My latest fave are Rose gold steampunk Vampire shades.

11- A change of everything at your discretion

But undies and socks are mandatory. I usually have a spare top that matches the outfit I’m already wearing ??????. I have found some animal socks that are general mood enhancers for me. For transit panties, I suggest Victoria’s secret lacy thongs in a colour you prefer  or or VS flamingo thongs. They are easy to wash in a hotel sink and dry in a couple of hours. This is tres important as everything needs to dry for use ASAP.

Some more useful information I can add, is that power banks and Ipads are not allowed in your bag or hand luggage. My Tecknet powerbank was confiscated and thrown away whilst my Ipad was forcefully checked-in. Apparently New rules for travellers have been set but we the travellers were not informed.

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    Maryam Suleiman

    Love it!

    Especially about dental hygienie and bio hazrards

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      Betty Kabir

      I knew you would appreciate this. Too many inconsiderate people walking around. Feels like they are trying to fumigate us in the tube LWKMD

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