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The Statement Tee

The statement Tee is mandatory to a Woman’s wardrobe. In this lifestyle blog post I discuss Statement Tees and how to wear them. I chose to get a Tee from I am enthusiastic about doing my bit for the planet and society as a whole. I love the fact that, for every Tee-shirt sold, a percentage goes to a Nigerian charity. This is a diffused line that is cheaper than the regular Eki piece. We have used pieces of silk inserts to bring a dash of colour to our classic monochrome Tee. This way, one can wear a bit of print without over-powering the dressed down casual look.

Desert Horizon Tees

Rythm Tee

Depending on one’s character, I can style you a in a Tee that would perfectly suit your personal style or skin tone. A couple of the Tees have ruffles for a more feminine statement or lapels and silk insert patch for the sportier Tomboy. If a normal Tee looks good with trainers then the statement Tee diversifies our options. The statement Tee is best worn with courts, loafers, trainers, boots and sandals in that order.

To go for a more ethnic look, I would accessorise with large metal hoops while for a sheek classy look I would add bright studs. Depending on the outing an oversized handbag or small clutch are the two obvious choices as a medium bag would dull down the over-all look.

Statement Tee image

These Tees are a great way to get on trend and have a go-to street style you can whip up momentarily. In situations where you need to get some groceries, quickly meet up for a coffee or styled up for night out at a trendy bar a trendy Tee cannot disappoint.

The Identity thumbprint Tee

For the full diffused Tee collection go to:

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Photography: @sanaabstrakt_art

MUA: @makeupbyainam

Stylist: @angels_or_demons_uk_ng_ru

Creative Director: @ekiorleans,

Models:@tatjanaweserova, @hyo_lee_1028

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