Sony SBH60 headphones review

I have wanted Bluetooth headphones for a while. For my birthday in July last year, Q surprised me with the stylish SBH60 headphones. I really liked them but would never have spent £50 on them. A year later, today, they dropped to the perfect price of £19.99. They are now great value and affordable in my eyes.

Made with eerily soft leather, they feel luxurious and are super stylish. Most importantly they are not as bulky as a lot of the headphones trending at the moment. Bluetooth pairing is a breeze, and I can walk around my flat without any breaks in sound. I have in the past tried Bluetooth headphones whilst doing chores and the sound would flicker from room to room, not to mention audio calls. Clean calls are convenient during my study sessions. When listening to music incoming calls automatically stop music on ‘pick up’. Sony has made them easy to pair with both Apple and Android devices.

Sound is fantastic for voice calls (mobile, face-time, Whatsapp) and listening to music. Apart from top notch sound quality, I wanted crisp vocals with good bass. This allows me to sing along during my laundry, vacuuming, ironing and cleaning sessions. Voice clarity in podcasts and study webinars was a welcome bonus. They also come in handy when my husband is hogging the big screen TV for intense gaming sessions. In such cases I pair them with my ipad and binge watch some of my favorite TV shows or study videos. The sound leakage is quite low so I can crank it up in public transport and fully immerse myself in my bubble. Compared to other brands like ‘frends by Taylor Swift’ , I cannot fault the quality of the Sony SBH60.

Stay tuned for a detailed review on my old earphones ‘FRENDS’ by Taylor Swift because it might add me to the company’s ‘hit-list’

Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset – Black

Sony SBH60 Stereo Bluetooth Headset – White


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