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Rose Gold

I love pink so my love for rose gold was inevitable. My youngest memory was my mum giving me a rose gold ring for my 11th birthday. I used to look at it and wonder, what was the appeal to it’s yellow equivalent?

I was ecstatic when a few years ago rose gold became super trendy. Suddenly, rose gold was everywhere as jewellery, art, home accessories, fashion pieces and furniture. Since then, adored metal has become mainstream and affordable.

Rose gold was first created by adding copper to gold. Quite fashionable in Russia during the 19th century, it was referred to as “Russian gold”.  These monarchs were among the only wearers of the distinctive alloy at that time.  The spread of rose gold in jewellery can be seen during the Victorian era where the pink-hued precious metal, along with its yellow cousin, dominated.

Rose Gold - Angels or Demons - Blog By Betty Kabir

It was only during the 1920’s did rose gold strike it rich with the jewelry-loving public, thanks in part to Cartier’s introduction of its now iconic “Trinity” ring which luminary writer Jean Cocteau privately commissioned. Cartier created the ring. It comprised of three intertwining bands made in yellow, white and rose gold, which Jean Cocteau was known to stack on his left pinkie.

Rose Gold - Angels or Demons - Blog By Betty Kabir

As the art deco era entered the new decade of the 1930s, the vividly colorful and highly creative jewellery of the previous decade gave way to more monochromatic, geometric designs that heavily favored the use of platinum and diamonds. This shift in aesthetic for icy white color schemes left gold’s warm yellow and rose tones out to dry. The trend, thankfully, abruptly ended when German troops invaded Poland in 1939, a move that would eventually bring nearly the entire world to war.

So After almost running mad in H & M I collected myself and purchased a rose gold tooth brush holder, candle stand and some rosey pink skull textured towels.

Now check out H & M’ s  collection of luxury metals home decor. Everything was lovely but space is an issue so I try to purchase stuff I need and not just desire.

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    I need to visit H&M i see some bits that im interested in.

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      Betty Kabir

      For sure babe and don’t Forget Tiger Tiger.

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