Morell Video Premier

I discovered this cool artist on Youtube that I wanna share with you. It’s really his style that piqued my interest when I first saw the guy. He doesn’t seem to take himself too seriously and yet he still manages to pass on his message every time.

Living in London, I tend to get homesick. My remedy is watching and listening to Nigerian music. So there I was, cleaning our place and watching some videos by ‘Hafeez’, when a new song was suggested by Youtube based on my liked videos. I watched the song ‘Waye babanka’ and it was off the hook! That where I saw this new dude called Morell who was featured by Hafeez and loved him, his bars made me laugh out loud. After re-watching just his bit a few times I searched high and low, then happened upon ‘Anti-social’ and ‘Borno’.  A few months later I was at a weddingwhere I first heard the song ‘Aure’.

It occurred to me that, regardless of the mood, our northern entertainer had a way of getting his point across through his music. It did not matter if the song was about the ongoing insurgency in Nigeria or partying until dawn. He had a uniqueness in his voice, lyrics and sense of style. For lack of a better word he had a unusual kind of swag.

When the idea of an article on him came up, his positive response was a pleasant surprise and almost too good to be true. I planned my trip to Kano so that I could attend the premiere of his video Aure. With relative ease and simplicity, everything fell into place.

I attended the event AA16 put together by Maha, a collaboration between Habiba Da Silva (@longlifepercussion) and Maryam (@maryammansury). I started my evening with a visit to the illuminated stalls where the new upcoming product lines were exhibited for sale. This was followed by a beautiful fashion show where gorgeous models strolled the silky white catwalk, with the clothes later available for sale at an auction.

Only later did I realize that the best was yet to come with the video Premiere of Morell’s new song “Aure”. Projected on a giant screen above the runway, the love song resonated loud and clear across the room, accompanied by the video clip of a traditional Hausa wedding. In the video we see Morell, smiling from ear to ear, asking the pretty bride’s father for his blessing. The sweet video is full of shots of the brightly dressed couple, both radiant, in beautiful settings.

This was followed by a live performance by Morell himself. Stylish as ever, he appeared dressed in dark northern traditional clothes which had a crazy mix of vintage and ultra modern chic. With such an entertaining performer, I look forward to seeing him live again with an even bigger audience when he will start to tour in Nigeria. It was a great night and even Kano’s tardiness and absolute disregard for time could not have dampen the fun.

Consider me impressed. I could not stop smiling at the fact that we have so many talented people making Kano SHINE. This was a great personal networking experience where everyone present was truly unique and interesting.

I was introduced to @Istryve, a talented upcoming photographer, who kindly provided some of the pictures in this post. Later on I got chatting with two super fun sisters @mekkyaj_fandy and @amma_mua, both professional make-up artists in Kano. The gorgeous @dashencoolfm also made a statement with her smile. Overall and as far as I am concerned laughing as much as we did that night should be illegal.

Below is my favourite piece from the catwalk.

Following this happy and exciting event I just want people to ‘SMILE’ more.  Seriously everyone’s smile is an adornment. I have yet to meet a person whose smile did not make ME smile. So lets just walk around Life, like psychos with gorgeous, manic grins!

This was the first time I attended such an event in Kano in Nigeria. I loved it.

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    Hey this sounds so vibrant and delightful I’m going to look your guy up on you tube later
    Thanks for sharing and introducing the diversity to those of us who may not have otherwise discovered it

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      Betty Kabir

      Anytime, hun. Thanx for taking the time to read. I shall post his detailed interview so stay tuned. xxx

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    Okechukwu Omeire

    I’ve read a lot of blogs… I’ve read a lot of write-ups….. but you see this story I just read….. I don’t really know how to explain how I feel right now. It was so unconventional and yet so intensely personal. I almost felt I was in Kano. I heard the word “smile” so often and yet… It didn’t bore me! I’ve never read any of your stuff…. but I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog.. MUSA is a phenomenon and I fear…. He doesn’t know it yet..

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      Betty Kabir

      this means alot to me as im just starting out thank you for the motivation *jumpin up an dan* lmao

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