Luxury Afro-Silks

I  was obviously lurking around Instagram, when I happened upon @ekiorleans. I was immediately attracted to her african-ankara inspired silks. It was strange to see a print I expect to be rigid, act romantically flowy (not a word but this word now needs to exist) lol. It was astonishing  seeing the elegance of a dynamic print.

You walk, it rustles,

You sit, it slithers,

You dance, it floats

You stand, it billows

The above print was inspired by some Ghanaian beads, she felt had a story to share.

I absolutely love the feeling of this silk on my skin. Featherlight, it sometimes feels like you have nothing on. I can only boast of a caftan cover-up for now, but as soon as I  had a Nigerian wedding to attend I knew I wanted to step out in this fabric.

We made plans to meet. I thought we would just look at fabrics but after realising the depth of meaning behind each print I felt a very personal connection to the print we chose. the best part of the experience is how she would try to customise the print to suit a client. I felt like a celebrity ( I always think I’m in a movie anyway so this felt great).

The above print was inspired by the hustle and bustle of African markets. This design was created using some of her previous prints and certain African symbols in a pattern to create the illusion of rows and rows of market stalls, the resulting electricity and energy found in traditional African markets.

I dont have any idea what the above print was inspired by… but i would like to think it was liquid gold. This particular piece of silk had a beautiful satin sheen to it. I was mesmerized and kept getting distracted. The hausa genes don’t help matters. like a magpie I was drawn to the luxurious shine of this particular print. I was already imagining some sort of slinky Iro and Buba (riga da zani) that I would rock without the suffocating heaviness of traditional ankara fabrics.

Luxury Afro-Silks | Angels or Demons - Blog by Betty Kabir

This peacock inspired print imposed smiles upon me. The colour and pattern are so radiant and joyful that you feel a marked shift in mood. Yes, this is a print for the soul.

Luxury Afro-Silks | Angels or Demons - Blog by Betty Kabir

The above pattern was a pleasant surprise. Always considering yellow as a bit of a ‘Parroty’ colour (a colour that makes one think of the bright plumes of a parrot) . Finding this piece of silk was refreshing to say the least and great progress for me as I usually loath yellow

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    Oh my… I love these. Those colours are popping beautifully! Makes me wish it’ll be summer forever..

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      Betty Kabir

      Im glad you like honey, dont forget to subscribe. xxx

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