Ghena’s magical bespoke jewelry

Bespoke jewelry is trending today. It has become the epitome of style. Quite often, it’s not available or affordable to all. Drum roll please… Until now, with Ghena’s magical bespoke jewelry!

Ghena’s magical bespoke jewelry is created by a Syrian lady based in Kano, called Ghena Yagan. I first met her briefly a few years ago in my surgery. The first thing one notices about her is that she is surprisingly soft spoken. At some point I remember thinking ‘She is beautiful, she is hot, I trust her’. Why beauty and trust are somehow connected in my mind? The movie ‘ZOOLANDER 2’ might have a lot to do with this phenomenon.

One day, after a procedure in my surgery, Ghena gave me a beautiful maroon bracelet with the Hand of Fatima as a thank you gift. I found it gorgeous and wore it very often.

The next time we met I asked her for details about where she got it because  I knew that I might want to buy one for myself. This was how I found out Ghena had made it herself. After the initial surprise, curiosity kicked in. I harassed her with questions and later stalked her to the gates of hell on Instagram (@ghena_jewllery), finally deciding on pink corals.

I’m such a lucky angel, demon, Monster????? In August Hadeeza (@hadymama on IG) got me a beautiful anklet from Ghena’s collection as a late birthday present. I love it so much and wear it everyday. In fact, Hadeeza and I have friendship anklets. From this day forth, I officially disallow friendship lockets and dub them unfashionable. Hadymama and I can trend-on peacefully.

Ghena uses semi precious stones sold in Nigeria, only importing the gold. The pricing is just right for her jewelry because it is not picky with clientele. A teenager could walk in and find something affordable while others with more means would be attracted to the more elaborate (and expensive) statement necklaces. Her strategy is to indulge every customer.

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I chose to have 2 bracelets made. The first was Coral and turquoise (Nigerian semi precious stones) on an elastic string. The second one was a coral skull on an 18k rose gold chain. I was impressed by these exclusive pieces and like that they do not share the same style. Ghena tries her best to stick to solo exemplars.

On the 23rd of March 2015, Ghena had an exhibition in Kano’s Cilantro to showcase her pieces. There were precious stones, semi precious stones and really pretty beads. She showed off her flair for design and proved that the price and origins of materials has nothing to do with aesthetics. Her creativity is obvious in the cheaper pieces as well as the more expensive ones.

This year Ghena is opening a store to display all her lovely pieces which is very exciting because we can now get affordable luxury in Kano. I miss those days when I was little and would go to the Fantasia store (which I adored) to buy all kinds of pretty accessories from Lebanon. It’s pleasing to see that Ghena is using Nigerian materials and working with Nigerians creating what should be a brand by now. Check her out on Instagram using the account below and enjoy

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    Ooooooh love the pieces!! Beautiful X

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      Betty Kabir

      Glad u like babe, cant wait for her to set up shop. 😀

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    Great work! Wish you well!

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